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Chinese Jade Bangle #141
Chinese Jade Bangle #141

Japanese Wood Chopsticks - Mount Fuji (5 Pairs) #28
Japanese Wood Chopsticks - Mount Fuji (5 Pairs) #28

Chinese Ancient Brass Bookmark - Jue  #35
Chinese Ancient Brass Bookmark - Jue #35

Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll - Courage #547
Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll - Courage #547

Chinese Flower Table Runner #68
Chinese Flower Table Runner #68

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Click to enlargeChinese Calligraphy

Birth, development, maturity and flourish of Chinese Calligraphy are always closely related to the change of character. For thousands of years' history of Chinese Calligraphy, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, big seal character, lesser seal character, ordered running script, official script, regular script, running script and grass script are all the creations breaking a new way in chorography. In addition, present style of Chinese Calligraphy is to shape rhythm image with lines. The lines are either strong or soft. The strokes are various. The horizontal and vertical strokes are bend or extensive.

The tip of writing is either dark or clear. Using brush can be slow or quick. Lifting and pressing brush can be both light and weight. The structure is either open or close. The posture is both motive and quiet. The orderly ways are both proportional and new. All the above skills can produce various rhythms. The lines of regular script can make people feel grant and steady. Seal character and official script are both simple and kind. The lines of running script and grass script are much changeable and have thousands of bearings and can show the line's expressive force of rich rhythms and tunes.

The art of Chinese Calligraphy has thousands of years' history up to now. Chinese history has pasted many dynasties. Each dynasty has given birth of many famous calligraphers. Every calligrapher had created a lot of excellent handwriting works in their whole lives. So such tremendous amount of famous calligraphers and excellent works are really culture treasure of our whole nation. The art of Chinese Calligraphy with such unique artistic style is also a brilliant peal in whole human's culture treasury.

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