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Chinese Paper Cuts -  Dragon Symbol #65
Chinese Paper Cuts - Dragon Symbol #65

Decorated Chinese Wood Chopsticks - 24 Pairs
Decorated Chinese Wood Chopsticks - 24 Pairs

Table Runner - Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Happiness #32
Table Runner - Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Happiness #32

Chinese Calligraphy Scroll - Good Fortune
Chinese Calligraphy Scroll - Good Fortune

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Click to enlargeDresses of Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty was the center of Chinese feudal society. Its politics and economy were highly developed and its culture and art were thriving. Dresses of Tang Dynasty were also a milestone in the course of the development of Chinese traditional costumes. During near 300 years from the early period to thriving and prosperous period and to the later period of Tang Dynasty, the costumes, especially the women's costumes of Tang Dynasty had novel and unique styles, were made of colorful cloth, and the ornaments had supreme elegance. Even at present, every Chinese feels proud of the dresses of Tang Dynasty.

In Tang Dynasty, men's daily wear was round-neck robe. Besides the regulations on the color, the animal images, such as lion, Chinese unicorn, tiger, jackal, hawk, wild goose, etc., were specially conferred upon by the authority to be embroidered on the robes of civilian and military officials, which were called embroidered robes?

Women's wear in Tang Dynasty was short jackets. The change of neckline of the upper skirt was the biggest reform and innovation of the women's clothes in Tang Dynasty. In addition to round, square, tilted, straight and V-neck shapes, there also appeared open neckline. The main colors were red, light red, light brown, reddish brown and light green. The high-grade cotton skirts were ornamented with gold, silver and colored embroidery.

Dress of Tang Dynasty has become a type of ceremonial dress commonly accepted by Chinese people and a type of national costume surely to be worn on festivals and traditional holidays. It has become a symbol of Chinese long-term traditional cultural art of costume and is favored by the world people.

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