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Chinese Paper Cuts -  Dragon Symbol #65
Chinese Paper Cuts - Dragon Symbol #65

Decorated Chinese Wood Chopsticks - 24 Pairs
Decorated Chinese Wood Chopsticks - 24 Pairs

Table Runner - Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Happiness #32
Table Runner - Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Happiness #32

Chinese Calligraphy Scroll - Good Fortune
Chinese Calligraphy Scroll - Good Fortune

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Click to enlargeChinese Paintings

For itself of Chinese painting, it is an extremely difficult art. Present skill of Chinese painting can be exactly summarized with two words "brush and ink". "Brush and ink" in Chinese painting is just the most significant means to form abstract present of Chinese Painting. Two words of "brush and ink" should have three explanations nowadays. The first one is the names of tool materials of Chinese painting (ink-wash painting), which just refers to the brush and the ink. The second one is it is the general name of traditional present skill of Chinese painting (using brush and ink). The third one is it not only refers to accumulated experience and traditional essence, but also includes a variety of present skills developed, enriched and innovated based on traditional skills of using brush and ink.

Tool materials of Chinese brush and ink have very complex functions of application: Use the brush's center, side, loosed, free or adverse part with skills of rapidness, slowness, lifting, pressing, pausing and transiting. Use strong, light, dry, wet, withered or moist ink with skills of amass-ink, splash-ink, cleave-ink and lodge-ink. With the skill of using water, there are endless skills. These infinite skills present various visional types, such as large or small, thick or light, long or short, square or round, transverse or upright, wind or straight, light or weight, numerous or simple, void or real, motive or quiet, light or thick, gathering or dismissing, open or close, slow or quick, strong or weak, serious or free, young or old, simple or colorful, quiet or busy, vigorous or charming, bright or dark and grant or elegant. With the present style of general line, unique sculpt skill of using brush and ink in Chinese painting is built.

In Chinese painting, both nice and fluent traditional Chinese realistic painting with its excellent and unique present to characters, grasses, flowers, birds, mountains and water and natural vigorous traditional Chinese freehand painting with its powerful romantic charm not only come from internal artistic spirit of artists, but also spring from brush, rice paper and Chinese ink. Chinese painting will show its gloss with its unique character forever.

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